Marilyn's Touch—Massage
Deep Tissue • Pure Relaxation • Lymphatic Drainage

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My Unique Massage Therapy
Therapeutic only!

What makes my massage style so unique?
My genuine care for people translates into a nurturing massage that my clients appreciate. I communicate with my clients to be sure that what I'm giving matches what they expect, and need. I put myself aside and tune into their body and allow energy to flow through me so as to connect on a deeper level to work intuitively during the massage. The result? Between my knowledge of a variety of massage techniques, and my energetic touch, I have happy, stress relieved clients.

Massage Rates
Incall only

60 minute massage: $100
90 minute massage: $140
Cash Only

Marilyn Frazier
Playa Del Rey, LAX (California)
  I have been getting massages for at least 15 years--everything from Swedish to Sports massages. I have received massages in wellness centers, chiropractic offices, resorts, and even in my home. Marilyn's natural ability of being drawn to a certain area of blocked energy and/or pain is astounding. Even the most expensive, experienced massouse's abilities pale in comparison to Marilyn's natural gift. Whether it be an area of my body that needs a deep rub or a sore spot that requires a gentle touch, Marilyn's trained hands meets my needs. Marilyn has a constant flow of positive energy, which she generously shares with her clients in her sessions. I have been a client of Marilyn's for a year, and any company who chooses to utilize her skills, knowledge, and gifts would greatly benefit their clients and profits.

Holly Armstrong

  Marilyn had been an asset to my practice. Her unrelentless servitude and punctuality for patient care was immeasurable. Her ability to fill in for other massage therapists helped to sustain fluid and on-going care in my office. Marilyn's creative and intuitive abilities with patient care has been unmatched so far. The emanating compassion and loving gentle personality that she possesses will put a smile on your face throughout the day. From lighter work to deep myofascial release work, Marilyn's therapeutic techniques are extremely effective. I am going to miss her, for she brought a different "light" to my practice.

Dr. Nick Hedayat, D.C. ­ Back In Health Chiropractic
  Marilyn is awesome! Never before have I met a massage therapist who makes me feel so comfortable and so relaxed. Not only is she very talented and professional, but she truly cares about the well being of her clients. My stress melts away with her amazing Lomi Lomi massage and my husband is thrilled with her deep tissue work. Along with her outstanding service, she puts me at ease with her gentle spirit. She is very accommodating with our busy schedules and always provides a true spa experience.

Jennifer Pfenning
  I am a hair replacement specialist and am on my feet all day long. After one of Marilyn's massages I feel like a new person! I am proud to have known Marilyn for over a year and can attest to her strong work ethic as well as her professionalism. I have recommended Marilyn's services to many client's and will continue to do so!

Casey Rhodes