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Marilyn Frazier
Playa Del Rey, California

In 2004 I discovered my gift for healing. I found that wherever I placed my right hand on a persons body, energy that was blocked or holding negative emotions would become dislodged. The released energy then immediately moves through my body, and becomes shifted and transmuted for that person. After this discovery I realized how this gift came to be: at the age of 21 I experienced a major life challenge after being hit by a semi truck while standing next to my vehicle on the freeway. The experience pushed me to become more aware of my inner reality. I became aware of my own insecurities and negative beliefs, which I now know are all illusions that  we make up in our head about our  difficult experiences from the past. Over the subsequent 16 years I have been in the practice of acknowledging each self created issue as they surface to my awareness, I took responsibility for them, and then chose to let them go by replacing the limiting belief with the wisdom that I gained from the difficult experiences. As I let go of the attachment to each negative belief it  then literally released an energetic blockage from my body, and opened up in me more peace, love, and joy.

Now after I have let go of layers of my own emotional blockages, my body has become an open channel. With my body functioning as an open channel, I am able to do the same emotional release work on others that I have already done for myself, within about 2 hrs. When you are able to let go of your negative beliefs or emotions by letting go of the root cause, you let go of the past, your life opens up to new possibilities, and you stop repeating the same old habits and patterns. You are then able to move forward in a way that seamed impossible in the past. The advantage of utilizing my assistance is that shifting whatever is holding you back from peace and joy will happen for you quickly. I speed up the process for you, as I hold the balance. 

Two types of healing:

CHAKRA CLEARING - Is an overall clearing of your overload of negative emotions.

Freedom from trapped negative emotions will effect and enhance all areas of your life:
- each relationship you have with another person
- financial abundance will be easily available
- improved self-esteem and confidence
- greater sense of well-being and physical health
- an optimistic outlook on life
- increased personal happiness and joyfulness

HIGH TOUCH JIN SHIN - a method of correction that addresses the root cause of physical symtoms that have shown up in the body.

High Touch Jin Shin restores harmony to the energy pathways that regulate the physical functions of the body. I can remedy many sympoms which include:
- insomnia
- anxiety
- low energy, fatigue
- mental unclarity
- pain

* There is almost no limit to the physical symptoms that Jin Shin can remedy.

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Jin Shin for Insomnia
According to the United States Department of Health and Human
Services, approximately 64 million Americans regularly suffer from insomnia each year. The cause may range from stress and anxiety to hormonal changes to medical conditions. Eventually many people become dependent on pharmacological solutions, which are at best temporary, and can lead to other, more severe problems.

If you are one of the millions of people suffering from debilitating insomnia that interferes with your quality of life, you don't have to suffer any longer. I have recently developed a breakthrough treatment for insomnia that is holistic, non-pharmacological and most importantly, it works.

By using the ancient Eastern art of Jin Shin, coupled with my own innate ability to release stress from the body, I have created a brand new, truly revolutionary treatment for my clients who battle insomnia.

Using directed High Touch Jin Shin, I am able to communicate on a cellular level with body energy pathways that may have become dysfunctional. By properly aligning energy pathways and restoring harmony, I can absolutely facilitate in helping your mind to let go of deep rooted tension, thereby creating a fully relaxed state in the body. Falling asleep can once again become a passive act, and restoring a natural circadian rhythm will be effortless.

One session will provide you with immediate deep rest. Often 2 sessions are all that's needed to put insomnia behind you. Each session lasts 2-3 hours.

Please view this video taped testimonial featuring a women I treated who suffered from insomnia for 8 years before she contacted me. How long are you willing to wait to make that call?

Session Price: $150
Session time: 2 hours.


Angie Lopez (insomnia)

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1 minute, 40 seconds

Jin Shin for Anxiety
Anxiety? Worry? Fretting? Over-thinking? Stewing?

No matter which brand of stress you choose there is always a doorway out of the pressure cooker. Let me communicate with your cells! Your body has innate wisdom, which can be brought forward for you by High Touch Jin Shin. Jin Shin is the language spoken by your body. It is the map of how your consciousness inhabits your body. By using this gentle non-invasive energy touch I can remind your body how to heal and communicate internally.

Receiving Jin Shin also allows your mind to develop the ability to completely trust your body’s innate wisdom. When the mind understands what the body wisdom knows it can relinquish its tight grip on the anxiety producing stories that we tell ourselves.

Call for an appointment to begin your new relationship with the deep inner peace your body has waiting for you.

Session Price: $100
Session time: 2 hours.


Bruce Cofren (anxiety)

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2 minutes, 25 seconds

Chakra Clearing for Emotional Release
Do you feel stressed?
Stuck emotionally?
Unable to move forward?
Is there something from your past that you can’t seem to let go of?

We have all created energetic blocks in our body from suppressing our feelings whenever we have had a difficult experience. The only way that we are able to release these energetic blocks that we have created is to simply give acknowledgement to the emotion that we have been unwilling or afraid to look at. By facing our energetic blocks or fears, all of the energy that we have invested in that belief is dissipated, and it is no longer able to run your life. Our energetic blocks create our subconscious beliefs, and our subconscious beliefs create our reality. By releasing the subconscious fears and limiting beliefs you will no longer have the reality of fear or self-incriminating thoughts and experiences.

If you would like to move forward in life, I will assist you by locating your blocks, and then bring them up to the surface of your awareness. Your subconscious mind will then process everything that came up which will be everything that you were ready to let go of, but were unable to access yourself. What could take you years, or a lifetime to access yourself, I am able to access quickly and help you process, thereby speeding up your own process of self-improvement. You will feel lighter and more in present time as I assist you to let go of the past. More of your true self will emerge, so that you can access your unlimited potential.

Become more abundant, improve your relationships, increase your own energy, create the life that you really want, increase your self esteem, open your heart to others, communicate more effectively, be more intuned to your inner guidance and feel more connected to the God source.

Call or email for more information.

Session Price: $100
Session time: approximately 2 hours.


Peter Ludwig (chakra clearing)

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4 minutes, 50 seconds

Dan (chakra clearing)

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3 minutes, 8 seconds